Kimark Audio's Custom Design and Installation Services provide the ideal solution. Whether you need a Home Theater, Multi-room Audio, Multi-Room Video, a Multi-Media Family Room or Home Automation with centralized control of Lighting, Heating and AC, Window Treatments, Your Security System or even your Pool and Spar. Kimark will design and install a complete system to suit your own unique needs.

Kimark Audio's Owner, Mark Brooker, has over 30 years of design and installation experience for both Homes and Commercial Property, including clients like Maytag, Coca-Cola and Cargill, so you can rest assured that your project will be completed in a fully professional manner and on time.


FREE In Home Assessments

We will be happy to visit your home to assess the options available to you and

Design and Engineering

We will design and engineer a solution tailored for your own requirements for any or all of the following: Stand alone Audio or Video Systems, Multi -room A/V, Lighting Control, Heating and AC Control, Automated Window Treatments, Security and other Home Automation needs.

Home Theater Design

Providing the ideal Home Theater is more that just selecting a projector, screen and sound system. A Home Theater should be totally integrated within your home and lifestyle. We consider all aspects of Acoustic Design (sound transmission, reflection, diffusion and absorption), Layout, Viewing distances and heights, Lighting, Finishes, Joinery, Seating, Color selection and many other aspects, while being totally aware of your budget and requirements.

Acoustic Design & Treatments

Providing solutions to difficult acoustic environments is one of our specialties. From sound isolation to stop your Home Theater from waking the children or neighbors to sound reflection, absorption and diffusion systems to maximize the sound quality of your carefully selected stereo or surround sound equipment.

Full Installation

Kimark Audio take care of all installation from pre-wire through to equipment set-up, calibration and training. Our professional team are managed by associates with many years experience ensuring you of the best possible service.

Audio & Video Calibration

Often an investment can be made in good quality equipment only for it to be wasted by poor set-up or calibration. From positioning your speakers in their optimum positions through to full ISF video flat panel and projector calibration (and many steps in between), we can help you to ensure that you are seeing and hearing everything at it's best.

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