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Welcome to Kimark Audio. Kimark Audio (pronounced Kie, as in Tie-mark) is dedicated to helping you select the perfect systems for your individual needs from the world’s finest audio, video, home theater and home automation products. We also provide free in home consultation, complete design and installation services, and total home integration and control.

ANNOUNCEMENT: In January 2013 and for financial reasons Kimark Audio took the decision to close our retail store. We are still very much in business and working from temporary accommodation in Bradenton, Florida, while we seek a new, smaller showroom. If you would like to Demo any equipment, we offer free, no obligation in-home demonstrations.

We are pleased to be able to offer you the very finest products from esteemed manufacturers such as Arcam, Linn, Lexicon, Halcro, Macintosh, Revel, Tannoy, Rel, Sim2, Planar, Marantz, Vidikron, Hitachi, Stewart, Salamander, Solid Tech, Cambre, Transdeco, Tributaries, Nordost, plus others. These companies have been specially selected to not only fulfill our stringent quality, performance and value criteria but because their various products complement each other to form outstanding systems.

Whether you need just a pair of speakers, new A/V components, A/V furniture, multi-room audio or video or a complete home theater, media room or home control, call us for a free in-home demonstration.

Music is good for the soul. It can spark the imagination, help you relax, change your mood and bring you entertainment and pleasure. The better it is reproduced, the stronger the effect. The same is true for Movies. Only music and movies reproduced to the highest standards can bring you lasting pleasure. The best systems can change your life.

Kimark Audio searches the world to bring you the definitive, premium quality, music and movie systems that will bring you enjoyment for years to come. These audio and video systems provide more accurate reproduction than standard mass-produced products. They specialize in bringing you the purest clarity, not just the longest feature list.

You will hear and see details you never knew were there as those layers of haze are peeled away to reveal the true sound and picture. You will be able to appreciate your music or video collection to the full, giving you the opportunity to truly experience every engrossing detail and to escape into that relaxing realm of encompassing beautiful sound or movies whenever you wish.

You deserve the best. Don’t settle for anything less. A top class system will give you enjoyment for years to come, and maybe for less than you may think. We cater for any budget. Whether you’re escaping the MP3 generation and discovering clear sound for the first time, or you’re an experienced audiophile or videophile, we have entry level to top end systems for the most discerning.

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